Monday, August 29, 2011

sunny Monday...

GOOD MORNING my friends...wishing you all a SUNNY MONDAY!
These are our skies at the moment, which makes for a beautiful day...
I hope you're all keeping safe on the east coast of America...Hurricane Irene certainly has been making it's mark...hopefully it dies down very soon.

This is my last week of ART Camp...then the girls start school next week.
I'll be running Saturday classes too starting in October which I am excited about.

What have you been up to this weekend?

We took the girls camping for the first time ever...I think they enjoyed it...but we weren't completely in the was a warm up to the outdoors at year we'll go portaging...
Have you ever been portaging?

Well...campers will arrive very soon.
Have a wonderful week...I'll be posting Camp pictures and I have 2 new projects to work on in September so you'll get a sneak peek at the preliminary sketches.
Until then...


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