Sunday, September 18, 2011

a humming Sunday...

I know many, many of you don't just live around the corner...BUT if you sure to check out my Saturday Art Classes.

So this is what I've been doing the majority of the day...who would have known that figuring out and planning could take ALL day!?

Hope you've had a glorious weekend.


Sandra Monat said...

oh yes all that planning and preparing needs a lot of work. Good luck with your classes and many nice participants! X Sandra

Jen said...

I do wish we just lived around the corner from each other. Those are some lucky students! :0)

Shelly said...

I absolutely love you brilliant blog Char!! And the art classes look like a great thing to do!!!

Silke said...

OH, I wish I lived closer!!! Char, would you e-mail me your address to My e-mail has been acting up, so if you already e-mailed me, I didn't get it. That way I can send your little bag to you... Hugs, Silke


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