Saturday, September 17, 2011

HYPE DANZ...the dancing mural...

Hello weekend readers...I have to say, this week was a busy one...but I love finishing projects and I am really very happy how this one which I did for a wonderful lady called Margarita who runs a fantastic Dance studio just minutes away from where we live.
The girls have been dancing at Hype Dance for the past 4 years...this will be Miss A's 5th year.

She started just a few years ago and has grown on her reputable reputation as an excellent dance instructor in many different areas of Dance.
Margarita now has other instructors working with her. She also offers adult drop in classes in Ballet/Jazz...Ballroom and Hip-hop...I hope I can gather enough adult ballerinas to do ballet again this year!

IF you live in the Durham Region of Ontario Canada...and are looking for a Dance School to put your kids in...or yourself...please visit HYPE DANZ's website HERE. I am warm again indoors...and am about to organise my Saturday morning Art Classes.
They'll be running from October 8th all the way through to December.
If you're interested please email me and I can send you more information.

Have a lovely day.


Silke said...

Dear Char,

I LOVE that mural you did. You know, your art is so versatile - I am impressed every time!! won the little poppy purse in my giveaway! If you e-mail me your address, I'll send it out to you next week!!!

Love, Silke

We Blog Artists said...

I did!!!! WOOO HOO...SO excited!
Thanks Silke for your sweet comments...HUGS

Susan said...

Our granddaughter starts dance today! I danced ballet, Hawaiian, and contemporary and I know the discipline and respect it develops in our bodies. If I lived close by, I would have baked up some cookies to have for your celebratory finish! Have a wonderful weekend. XOXO

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's called COPHY.

Shelly said...

HI Char , I love your mural!! Really unique ! Good job...
XOXO Shell


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