Friday, September 23, 2011

will they...won't they???

please me out...we're going for Dinner on Saturday...and I'm making this Guacamole Bruschetta...

I bought the avacados yesterday...and NOW I need them to ripen.
will they...won't they?

do you have any tips other than placing apples in the same bowl??

Have a great weekend,

BTW...Miss A got a bad stitch during the race and came in 65th out of 300 runners. she had a blast and wasn't worried about the placing.(oh to be young again!)


painted fish studio said...

oh my, the bruschetta looks amazing. i put my unripe avocados into a brown lunch bag to ripen, but i'm not sure that will do the trick in time for you! hope there's someone that has a great trick.

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks PFS!!!
I could try that too!


andrea creates said...

i was about to mention the paper bag trick too-
looks delicious by the way!

glad you like your pouch :)
have a lovely weekend....

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Andrea!

Crystal said...

Bananas, they make everything ripen quicker. The riper the better! x

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Crystal, I will add a banana too!
Thanks for stopping by!

Tara said...

I hope they did!


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