Sunday, September 25, 2011

French coffee bols

hello ... did you know in France they drink Coffee from "Bols" (bowls in French) in the morning for breakfast...many say it's so they can dip their delicious croissants and tartine's in their coffee. 
I love going over to France and having a BIG BOL of coffee... so... here are MY French Coffee Bols...all original watercolour paintings to accompany my T-cups HERE and HERE.

Have a lovely day!


Allison Kruskamp said...

First the tea cups, now the coffee bowls. I love it. I'm so inspired to make the one w/the close up a 3-D reality. It's on my list of "things to do when I don't have to get paid". Ha Ha! Au revoir!

We Blog Artists said...

Sounds wonderful Allison.

PoetessWug said...

The tea cups...and the 'bols' are lovely!

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Debs!

Denise Dumont said...

Quer saber a verdade? Amei seus desenhos. PARABÉNS!!!!

We Blog Artists said...

Gracias Denise!


Susan said...

Just as fabulous as the tea cups my creative friend! XOXO

stephanie levy said...

Love these - what a great series! Now I want to go drink a cafe au lait in a "bol" too :)

Susan Branch said...

I only started blogging about 3 months ago, so the name of your blog was a definite attraction when I saw it on MyMothersApronStrings blog! I just love the texture of watercolor paper! Your art is beautiful! Thank you!!


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