Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Handmade cards

I'm up early this morning before the girls wake up as I have projects to finish...sometimes trying to complete work at one in the morning doesn't pay-off.
It's so lovely and mild the temperature here at the moment...we try and take advantage of it and stay outside after school for a while so they can let off some steam before coming in for the evening.

On a different note:
How are you all doing with your Holiday preparations ? You realize we only have 47 days until the 24th of Dec!
I am helping others by creating their holiday cards...I still have to think of ours!

Enjoy your Tuesday...see you tomorrow.


Tara said...

I am impressed with anyone who can be productive early in the morning. When I get up early, I drink coffee. And holiday preparations? Not quite yet.

Susan said...

Hand drawn holiday cards...how do I get on your list! LOL!! I'm lucky if I can get some stamped this year. You are amazing : )


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