Friday, December 2, 2011

Off to print

Happy Friday everyone!
What do you think of my family Xmas card?


Susan said...

What precious memories these cards will be with your beautiful daughters featured. Happy Holidays dear friend. XOXO

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Susan!

pilli pilli said...

A treasure!!!

And your girls look so pretty in red!

& have a GREAT weekend!

Antonio Machado said...

Beautiful illustration!
The originality and caprice are the hallmark of your blog.
Congratulations and good weekend

Cindy said...

it looks beautiful ... love the deep crimson red. enjoy your weekend!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

so sweet! What do the girls think?

We Blog Artists said...

Just gorgeous Char, whatever other idea you had you can save for next year... this one is fantastic though! Much love! Tam xxx

Anonymous said...

great illustration! ;)


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