Friday, February 24, 2012

Snowy days a painting

Here's a visual on how the process went. I used the app Picstich on my iPhone to create the image... So easy when you have the right tool!
We're in the midst of a snow storm here today!!!!
It's wet and heavy snow... Definitely a snow fort building afternoon!!!!
Hope all is well with you... Thanks for stopping by.


Susan said...

There's actually a chance of snow flurries for the weekend here in Seattle...ugh! I'm not a snow fan, although it is pretty coming down and makes a nice day of baking. I loved seeing your process--so impressed!
Happy Snow Fort Building, Char

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Susan...I like snowy days...being inside and enjoying being warm... :-)

The Curious Cat said...

I really like these - beautiful and unusual! xxx

Betsy Grant said...

Wonderful artwork! I haven't visited you in awhile and it's nice to see your creativity. I am a composer/pianist/recording artist with extensive training in classical music. Please visit me sometime. I make and post new music videos almost weekly which you might enjoy.

Amy said...

i hate snowy days before because of its intolerable coldness specially when you're outside, but you just made me love it with this painting. great! :)


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