Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter has been filled already with food and egg hunts...and spending time with family.
I thought we were seeing friends and family last night too but I was surprised by Mr. R when he took me to a restaurant i had never been to for a surprise birthday dinner!
The company was wonderful! And the food was amazing! I'd definitely go back there!
Today we are sharing our Easter Sunday with friends, lamb and salmon are on the menu... And probably a few instagram photos will be snapped.
I hope you have a lovely Easter if you celebrate... If not, enjoy your Sunday!


pilli pilli said...

A very Happy Easter to you too!

We're having friends over for dinner, and the house already smells like warm chocolate (muffins), and rosemary (the lamb F. is preparing)... so that's definitely something lovely! ^_^

[Hugs], k.

Susan said...

Happy Easter, Char to you and your lovely family. Your table setting is beautiful and your girls are growing so big. Love, Susan

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