Friday, September 18, 2009

3 X 3

Here's my 3x3...if you had passed by earlier you would have read about Gustavo Aimar and how he is celebrating 3 years of Blogging(he's a FANTASTIC illustrator)...and is celebrating by posting little 3x3inch creations on THIS site, which ANYONE can participate in.
Such a great way to celebrate...spread the word and create something 3x3 for him to post.
All he needs you to do...if you don't understand Spanish: send him and email to with a Jpeg of your painting,drawing,illustration...but it has to be drawn in a 3x3inch format...not just cropped to size. Your link and name and what media you used.

So much fun...make it your weekend project!

OH...and I nearly forgot...check back in an hour and enter our *WIN WIN WIN* celebrate our 507 FABULOUS READERS!

Until later!



Char said...

that is beautiful


She has quite an attitude on her face...adorable!
Wonderful weekend to you as well~

williamhessian said...

very cool. i enjoy the composition, and the figures pose(s)

RedorGrayArt said...

this is really so pretty ...i sent one as well...ELK


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