Friday, September 18, 2009

tea and biscuits

She doesn't really look exactly like these...but has some similarities, and I should really wear my glasses whilst sketching because things always slant to the right a little and have been noticing it more and more recently!(getting old)
I just finished the above sketch whilst we were having our Tea and Biscuits before her nap time...her Tea consists of a dipping of the Tea bag in warm milk...she just likes to dip her biscuits in her Tea like her Morfar(my dad).
The one below was sketched quickly before we went raspberry picking this morning. She kept moving around so much...but I captured somewhat of her and her concentration whilst she practiced writing her ABC's.
I find sketching on a whim something which I used to do a lot more of before I had to chase after our girls...and now that they're more independant...I would love to start again...I have been trying to remember to bring sketching materials with me wherever I go...and would love to make a day to day journal...with sketches amongst appointments.
Gustavo Aimar is celebrating 3 years of Blogging(he's a FANTASTIC illustrator)...and is celebrating by posting little 3x3inch creations on THIS site, which ANYONE can participate in.
Such a great way to celebrate...spead the word and create something 3x3 for him to post.
All he needs you to do...if you don't understand Spanish: send him and email to with a Jpeg of your painting,drawing,illustration...but it has to be drawn in a 3x3inch format...not just cropped to size. Your link and name and what media you used.
So much fun...make it your weekend project!

I am off to do something little now...and I'll post it for you later.

We reached 500 FABULOUS READERS.... YAY!!!
You guys are awesome.
Check back sometime this weekend to enter our *WIN WIN WIN* giveaway!
You all deserve to win...but only one will.(sorry)

Have a wonderful weekend...and get creating!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Beautiful sketches! You're very good! Jordan is adorable!

Char said...

she is just soooo beautiful - love both sketches but the 2nd one really melts my heart.

cindy said...

your sketches are wonderful, so please do keep your supplies handy. enjoy your weekend!

Victoria Stitch said...

VERY beautiful sketches! I love the way they look so delicate!

elk said...

i like a good dunk as well :)) ...what a sweet expression on her face.

knack said...

your sketches are wonderful!! I wish I could draw like that!

happy weekend! xo

Silke said...

Your sketches are amazing, Char! I wish I could draw like that!! And thanks for the link to Gustavo's site - I'll have to check it out! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, Silke

ann said...

It is so hard to always think of everything. Unfortunately or more over fortunately we don't know when inspiration will hit us. Keep them handy and be inspired!


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