Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm back and we have a winner...

small country fair...
linen for my lavender pillows... my table...
giggles...they're the best!
toes...toes and more toes...
sibling portraits...
I can hear all the cheer in the background...."Yay for Jen"...
Congratulations can visit her here...if you would like to personally congratulate her. She has the most adorable family!
She commissioned(or rather her winning request) is for one of those Wild Things with her little nephew on it's back.

I am SO sorry I can't paint one for each and every one of you who entered the giveaway....but there will be more giveaways in the New Year!

Update (as I have been M.I.A for over a week now...or is it 2weeks?)
Dad is ok....didn't end up having a biopsy-but will probably very soon.(his kidneys needed to be at a better functioning state and his prostate has to reduce in side through meds.
He's out of hospital...and at home recovering from probably a few years of his body not functioning properly. Once stable he'll go in again for a biopsy and then probably a prostate reduction op.
THANK YOU so much for all your really meant the World to me.
I have been walking around in a daze...not being able to function 100% and forgetting to do things.(sounds like I need to see a doctor!!!)
BUT...I had the show on Saturday and it went well, it was small...and I think maybe 150 people came through...
I'vebe posted a couple of photos in this post so you can visually catch up.

HOW are YOU?

I know....there have been sometimes days when I haven't even turned my computer my apologies for not passing by YOUR World...and saying hi.
In a few days I will be in the Old Country and may get a little more time to blog!YAY.
I've missed you all...although I needed this time...downtime from thinking about anything other than my dad.
-finish 23 Lavender tooth fairy pillows.
-paint those 2 pictures (3ftx3ft)
I've packed(almost).
Gotten ready for a Show in UK.
Had to deal with Canadian Immigration...(2 of the days)
Christmas shopped...probably FAR too much again. The bags are FULL and I haven't finished packing all the clothes.(we have a policy in our house that we ONLY buy gifts for the little ones-I can't imagine how many bags of luggage I would need if I was buying for all the adults in our family too!)

Ok...I'll be back tomorrow.
I have added the pictures to the top of this post.

Night Night .... sweet dreams....thanks for passing by.


Jen said...

It is hard to congratulate myself when you are going through such a hard time with your dad. I am so glad he is out of the hospital and that you could be there. Please keep us posted!

OK, now for the celebrating!!! Yay for me and my nephew. He is only 2 months old and with a name like Max, I figured a Wild Thing one would be more than perfect! Thanks soooo much!!!

Tabiboo said...

All our warm wishes to you and your dad. I hope all turns out OK.

take care,

Nina x

Char said...

sending warm, warm hugs to you busy lady. and many prayers for the healthy and speedy recovery for your dad. i'm glad in the midst of all of this you have some beautiful girls and beautiful work.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Thank you Jen,Nina and Char...your thoughts are always so touching.

Sabriam - said...

wow, sounds like you have been crazy busy!

Jenea said...

My congratulation for your winner!!! :)

cindy said...

glad your dad is doing ok, which will help you do the same. sounds like you've been super-busy and some computer-free time is good now and then. welcome back!

ratu lakhsmita indira said...

awwww!!!! not me???!!!! (hello Jen, congratulation, really... seriously...)
Well, thats ok, i think Jen deserves it...

Sweet dreams!


amy and ann said...

glad everything is okay. have a great week. welcome back. amy

DesBisoux said...

Glad to hear your dad's doing ok! It's so nerve racking to be far at times like these...
Your doing a show in the uk?? Pls tell me where!
I've been a bad blogger lately... sorry!btw your daughter are sooooo cute!!

Nishant said...

All our warm wishes to you and your dad. I hope all turns out OK.

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