Saturday, May 21, 2011

finished construction sketch.

We dry-walled the ceiling of my Art-Studio today...I am in SO much shoulders are screaming!
Today is a day...I wish my Dad was here to help my husband...and I wish my Mum was here to cook me dinner...sometimes the Atlantic Ocean is just WAY too big!

Here's the finished sketch of the Mural...I hope they love it.
Thanks for all the kind words about the sketches.

I'd hug you all but I'm not sure I can...ouch.


Susan said...

Your finish picture reminds me of a favorite book I read my grandson, Ari--Mike and MaryAnn. It's all about a steam engine.
Such a lovely mural. XOXO

PoetessWug said...


Kim4leafclover said...

looks amazing char!!!!

andrea creates said...

it looks great!

Victoria Stitch said...

this is fabulous! love the colours!

Tara said...

The sketch looks great, Char. I hope you are both able to find some time to relax this long weekend but I can't wait to see your studio when it is completed.

Jenny Petricek said...

There's nothing more exciting than building a new workspace for your art! You'll need to post some pictures of the finished studio!

pilli pilli said...

Wow Char!
Those sketches look really truly utterly & absolutely fabulous!!!

And I totally get what you write about the ocean sometimes being too big... at times I too wish that my parents were just a little bit closer...
Too bad I can't hop over to give you a hand with that studio! :o)

Anyway, ART CAMP sounds sòò exciting!!!



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