Friday, May 20, 2011

trucks,diggers,tractors...'s Friday!I know...I said I would be back every day this week...but I have been enjoying walking...and have had my head FULL of wonderful Mr.R is doing a fabulous job on my studio...and I have been pricing out cabinets...they're not cheap you know!!! BUT I hope Art Camp will be able to pay for them...if not all...but the majority.
Talking about ART CAMP...I am almost full...just a couple of weeks which have openings.
I'm SO's like a turning point for me in my Career, AND I get a studio out of it!

I met with a lovely lady on Tuesday and she really would like a CONSTRUCTION Zone Mural for her eldest son...pretty cool...and I am totally out of my comfort zone when it comes to diggers,tractors and earth it's a great challenge.
Doesn't everyone LOVE a challenge!!!

I am hoping to paint it at the beginning of June.
I'll show you the finished wall proposal over the weekend.

Canada has a LOVELY long weekend starting tomorrow...dry wall and mud...tape and sanding will be what's happening in the basement this weekend.

What are you up to? (nosey aren't I :-)

Hugs to you all and thanks for passing by, and leaving such energized comments about our Lego Flags...they were fun to do, and made the girls really think about building things differently.

Until I post again.


Susan said...

My grandson would love the mural you're doing. I recently made him pillowcases with construction vehicles on it. And, he's very much into Bob the Builder and puts on the hard hat I gave him in his "dress-up" bin.
Can't wait to see the finished project! XOXO

PoetessWug said...

Char, your talent is amazing!! I've now seen you draw and paint families, murals, and all kinds of other things. Now trucks!! You Are GOOD!!! One of these days I'm going to impose upon you to do a drawing for me! I guess I better get that on your schedule soon, huh?! LOL

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Susan...I will definitely post it when I have the finished sketch.
He sounds like a cute kid!

Kim4leafclover said...

I think the sketches of the trucks are fantastic! I wish you were in Cali, I would love a Dr. Seuss mural in Bay's room ;)
Nothing much here today. Just cleaning house, laundry and just got back from the grocery store. Then its back to work tonight, still not 100 % better from this cold thou. I hate how a simple cold can turn your life upside and make the simplest of things a real challenge to accomplish.

Big Hugs,
ps. Can't wait to see your mural ;)

Tara said...

SO exciting about your studio and art camp. I wished we lived closer because I would definitely enroll the boys. They would love it. Trucks and such may be out of your element but the sketches look great. Enjoy your construction-filled weekend.

andrea creates said...

sounds and looks great all of these projects you've got going on!
have a lovely weekend :)

painted fish studio said...

love your sketches! i'm sure the mural will be fabulous!

looks like i will be dodging rain all weekend... sigh...

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! It's great!
Have a look at mine:

Hope you like it!

Anna Emilia said...

What nice things dear Char. Those flags and the tractors. Busy hands, happy hands (:

Have a good weekend!

Jen said...

I wish we lived by you. Your art camp sounds amazing! Congrats on the studio and I can't wait to see the finished wall art. I'm sure it will be perfect. That boy will never want to leave his room. :0)

Denise Dumont said...

Lindos desenho!!!!
tudo de bom para você.


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