Friday, September 9, 2011

Purrrr-fect love notes

A tradition started when Miss A first went to for 2 years before Miss J started school she received notes in her Lunch bag...I couldn't stop the tradition when Miss J started last year...
This one is a "cat bookmark" which Miss A would have found in her Lunch bag today....they're always kept a surprise...even though they try and sneak a peak when I am drawing them!
So, this is the 4th year in the's a lot of love notes! I try and draw something on each of them...but sometimes a note is all they get.
I didn't realise how much they love them until one day I forgot...I had better not repeat my forgetfulness...

You can see some of the Love notes here and here and here.

What do you do to tell your family that you love them everyday?

Have a great weekend.


Silke said...

That is just the sweetest tradition!! Just think of the women they will grow up to be knowing they are loved like that!! Wonderful!! Hugs, Silke

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Silke...that's a beautiful comment. I hope they will grow up knowing they are adored!

hugs and have a great weekend.


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