Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday


pilli pilli said...

And one big *smile* back at you!!

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks k!
Your little sweet package arrived yesterday ... I'll blog about it tomorrow.
Can't wait!

Allison Kruskamp said...

In reference to bye bye bols, I finally got yours\ bol in the mail. Although, with the USPS these days, I can't guarantee you'll get it before Easter. Oh, and, these paintings are so happy!

Silke said...


Those make me happy!! :-) Silke

We Blog Artists said...

Thanks Allison , you know I had completely forgotten ... What a lovely surprise it will be.

Silke, thanks for passing by and your kind words... They make me smile too... I think this will be the year of smiles!!

Artist said...

Happy thoughts here!!!!!!!!!!

We Blog Artists said...

Thank you !

We Blog Artists said...

Thank you !

Rohrerbot said...

Your blog looks fun and I look forward to following the art:) I wish I had talent and an eye for such things....well i do....but just in the garden:)


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