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My name is Charlotte Hamilton.
This is a Collaborative Blog between a good friend Tam and myself.

We started it in order to get back into becoming more productive and creating for ourselves and our families...it has lead to many fabulous ventures.

Creating is all I know in Life how to do(other than being a wife and mother to 2 little girls)...I have never sat in an office or had a Boss other than myself.

People ask "so when did you start painting?"...I have always painted and created since as far back as I can remember I can remember.

Art has been my career for the past 18 years,it's what makes me complete.

Growing up on a farm in Europe with my 2 siblings we were always outside.Nature and simplicity are the things which keep me happy. My mother has always stressed that natural fabrics are a must because they make you feel your best.

Combining natural fabrics and nature seems to work every time.

Thank you for visiting...I continue to add new products to my Blueshine Baby Etsy Store so please check there frequently.

Other places you can find me:



www.weblogartists.blogspot.com (a collaborative art blog with Tam)

All images and designs are the property of Charlotte Hamilton.

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