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My name is Tam Church, I live in Lincolnshire in the uk with my husband and two children who keep me very busy! I work from home as a picture researcher and also as an illustrator which I am pretty new to but the picture research work I have done for a decade. I love nature, animals, plants, cooking and photography. I have got an allotment this year which is great fun. My children love being down there as much as I do. My friendship with Char is the reason I blog, and it's lovely being able to keep up with each other's lives.. although I am nowhere near as good as she is at keeping the blog updated, but every now and then I get round to it. Must try harder should have been on my school reports! I am constantly trying to be more creative and I'm sure as the children get just that little bit older I'll get more time to do more art... for now I look at Char's work and am inspired!

Thanks for popping by!

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